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About Starboard

Starboard is an advanced, reliable, and highly customizable starboard bot, allowing for multiple starboards, multiple emojis, auto-star channels, and much more coming!

This documentation gives you a quick start to using the bot. If you see a problem, please let me know, either by using the bots suggest command or joining the support server. My discord username is @Circuit#5585.

Invite Starboard to your server

Join the support server

Starboard Documentation/Wiki

Starboard’s Features

If you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please create an issue.

Quick Setup

Note: Don’t actually type out < > [ ] when I give you commands to run. Replace [p] with the actual bot prefix which is sb! by default. channel means type “channel”, where as <channel> means replace “<channel>” with the name of the channel.

Method 1

  1. Invite the bot to your server

  2. Run [p]setup and use the setup wizard to create your starboard!

Once completed you can continue to use the setup wizard to modify the settings of the starboard (like emoji being used). A complete list of settings is available in the wiki.

Method 2

  1. Invite the bot to your server

  2. Create a channel for the bot (name it something like #starboard). You can also use a existing channel

  3. Type [p]starboards add <channel> (“<channel>” is the name of the channel you are using)

  4. Type [p]starboards <channel> to view all the settings for this starboard!

The starboard is now good to go, but you might want to change more settings (like the number of reactions needed). A complete list of settings is available in the wiki.

Self Hosting

These directions are for self-hosting the bot. If you just want a working bot, you can invite the main bot to your server instead.

What you will need:


If you see a bug or possible improvement and want to help out, you can fork this repostory, make the edits, and then create a pull request. Make sure to look at the guidelines in I really appreciate any help that you can give.

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