About Starboard

Starboard is an advanced, reliable, and highly customizable starboard bot. I’ve been working on this project for a while now, mostly for use in personal servers. When it turned out better than I imagined, I open-sourced it and posted it to bot lists. I hope you find this code and/or bot useful. This documentation gives you a quick start to using the bot. If you see a problem, please let me know. You can use the bots suggest command, or you can join the support server. My discord username is @Circuit#5585.

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Invite Starboard to your server

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Starboard Documentation/Wiki

Starboard’s Features

If you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please create an issue.

Quick Setup

Note: Don’t actually type out < > [ ] when I give you commands to run. Replace [p] with the actual bot prefix. channel means type “channel”, where as <channel> means replace “<channel>” with the name of the channel.

  1. Invite the bot to your server
  2. Create a channel for the bot (name it something like #starboard).
  3. Type [p]add <channel> (“<channel>” is the name of the channel you just created)
  4. Type [p]addEmoji <channel> <emoji> (<emoji> is usually “:star:”)

The starboard is now good to go, but you might want to change more settings (like the number of reactions needed). A complete list of setting in the wiki.

Self Hosting

These directions are for self-hosting the bot. If you just want a working bot, you can invite it to your server instead.


If you see a bug or possible improvement and want to help out, you can fork this repostory, make the edits, and then create a pull request. Make sure to look at the guidelines in CONTRIBUTING.md. I really appreciate any help that you can give.

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